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Gough Insurance & Financial Services

Hi, I'm Janice Gough (pronounced GOFF). I founded this company in 1978 and I still love what I do.  I'm all about the long haul, forging lasting relationships with each of my clients so I can offer truly personalized service from a friend who listens and cares.

What I Do

I specialize in Insurance that protects you and your family.  If you're looking to insure your possessions or property please look in Reccomended Professionals section for local agents that serve those markets.  My expertise is in taking care of you!  Yourself, your partner, your parents and your kids.  I can help you secure and protect your health, wealth, life, future, goals and dreams and those of your loved ones.
I also provide Financial Planning and Advisory services.  I specialize in high yield, risk free, and even some FDIC insured investment products and wealth building strategies. I am not an Investment Advisor and don't manage funds for investment in securities.  

Everybody Needs Help

We all need allies to survive, especially financially.  No one has time to become an expert on every type insurance, investment product, and retirement strategy...  that is, unless of course that has been your career for over 35 years!  The good news is that I am here to share my knowledge with you.

The Doctor Is In

I like to think of myself as a "doctor of finances" because evaluating a client's financial condition is a lot like examining a medical patient.  They usually look fine on the surface, they might have a couple of complaints but they probably assume they are healthy and they are usually right.  But a good doctor will sense when something is wrong and will run extra tests, and examine things more closely and will find ailings before they become pronounced and start doing damage. 

Service Area

Although my primary area of service is now the Coachella Valley surrounding Palm Springs, I was based in San Mateo, in Northern California for three decades and continue to serve many clients in the Bay Area.   I am able to serve clients anywhere in the entire State of California!


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